Originally known as Far East Motor Corporation in 1960 until its Articles was amended to Industrial & Transport Equipment, Inc., INTECO pioneered the assembly and distribution of Isuzu vehicles in the Philippines. From its former assembly plant along EDSA Balintawak ►(the current site of one of its mega dealerships), INTECO rolled out the first Isuzu bus that caught the eyes of the big transportation companies in 1963. INTECO was the local assembler and distributor of the very first Isuzu vehicles under a tripartite agreement with Isuzu Motors of Japan, as the manufacturer, C. Itoh Co. Ltd., as the exporter.

INTECO struggled and competed with the best and popular brands of US and European vehicles at that time. Undaunted by the discrimination and indifference of the Filipino buyers for Japanese products, INTECO never gave up but pushed vigorously the promotion and marketing of Isuzu vehicles in the Philippines.

Isuzu's name rose to prominence when the sugar barons of Bacolod, Negros Occidental and logging magnates of Mindanao experienced and proved the reliability of Isuzu TD50's (dump trucks) and TD70's (cargo trucks) bought from INTECO in 1965.

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1669 Quezon Avenue corner
Sgt. Esguerra (formerly Bohol)
Quezon City Metro Manila, Philippines
Sales Department:
Telephone  Number: +63 (2) 9203115
Fax Noumber +63 (2) 9203124

Services Department:
Telephone  Number: +63 (2) 9203425

Parts Department:
Telephone Numebrs: +63 (2) 9203426; +63 (2) 4158682; +63 (2) 4158689
Quezon Avenue Branch

EDSA Branch

Pampanga Branch

Dagupan Branch
Urdaneta Branch

Accounting & Finance:
Telephone Numbers: +63 (2) 9254211; +63 (2) 4100686; +63 (2) 4100659
TeleFax Number: +63 (2) 9254208

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Model Units

1127 EDSA Balintawak,
Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines

Sales Department:
Telephone Number +63 (2) 4104836

Services Department:
Telephone Nmber: +63 (2) 3641680

Parts Department:
Telephone Numbers: +63 (2) 3669336;
+63 (2) 4148795

Fax  Number: +63 (2) 3669335

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Olongapo - Gapan Road
San Fernando, Pampanga

Sales Department:
Telephone Numbers: +63 (45) 8601581;
+63 (45) 8601210; +63 (45) 8600621; +63 (45) 8600811

Accounting Department:
Telephone Number: +63 (45) 8600875

Email Address:

Rizal corner Perez Street
Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines

Sales Department:
Telephone Numbers: +63 (75) 5230358;
+63 (75) 5157320; +63 (75) 5154299; +63 (75) 5153873

Email Address:


Mc Arthur Highway
Barangay Nancayasan Urdaneta City

Pangasinan, Philippines

Sales Department:
Showroom: +63 (75) 5684861
Fax Number: +63 (75) 6242350
Branch Manager: +63 (75) 5686362

Accounting Department:
Telephone Number: +63 (45) 6242101

Services Department:
Telephone Number: +63 (75) 5686357
Parts: +63 (75) 6242891
Service Manager: +63 (75) 5684857

Email Address:

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You have Just Arrived.
You are what you drive.

You deserve a ride that speaks of your many triumphs. The New Isuzu Alterra is a testament to the many milestones in your life. Through tough times you have persisted. Through many twists and turns you have overcome. Now you deserve everything and more. Sit in the lap of luxury. You know you deserve it. And you deserve nothing less. We've stepped up the luxury in the NEW Alterra. Step inside and be enveloped by a new level of satisfaction.  (more info)


Make a grand entrance. In the tradition of change, we decided to make a big one. With the 2010 Isuzu Crosswind, the vehicle that you have come to love finally breaks free of all inhibitions and boundaries. Included in everything that you know about Isuzu-comfort, reliability and durability, we up our game further with new technology and design that makes Isuzu Crosswind and amazing experience to enjoy inside and out.  (more info)


2.5 RACK AND PINION STEERING SYSTEM offers precise steering response, allowing easy maneuvering and smooth direct steering

SHIFT - ON - FLY TRANSFER CASE allows better climbing, plus its chain type drive system delivers smoother and more quiet gear shifting

DOUBLE SCISSORS GEAR provides efficient engine performance and minimize backlash between gears for minimum noise  (more info)

Isuzu N-Series

N-Series engines (4HG1, 4HF1, 4JB1) combine improved fuel consumption with high output and torque.

Exhaust brake (NKR) is an added safety feature on top of the complete occupant protection aspects-rigid cab construction, underview windows for enhanced visibility, and cornering lamps.

Progressive front and rear leaf springs make up a rugged undercarriage that gives a smooth ride even when the vehicle is unloaded  (more info)

Isuzu F-Series

As the first manifacturer to bring direct injection to medium-sized diesel engines, we succeeded in achieving not only better fuel economy and reliability, but also lower emissions than ever before. The increase in engine displacement significantly boosted horsepower and torque. And great fuel economy and clean-burning power result from the overhead camshaft and refinements in the direct injection system. Engine service life has also been extended to cut maintenance costs. At ISUZU, we know the bottom-line in a dependable and efficient engine that is gentle on the environment.  (more info)

F-Series Forward

(more info)

Isuzu LV Buses

Isuzu works together with its customers as a partner to help open up new doors in the bus industry. With product specifications that emphasize environmental performances, passenger comfort, and driving safety, Isuzu products are well positioned to meet the needs of your bus operations while also adhering to local regulations in each country. Looking ahead, Isuzu buses will continue to build on a long tradition of excellence to offer even more reliability to customers around the world.  (more info)

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